This page lists various documents and reports (available to download) relating to the situation across Dorset (and, particularly in West Dorset) for digital TV reception and the need for a genuine Local Radio station serving the whole of Dorset. Most were produced some years ago, but their contents are still relevant today. The History page provides a timeline of the many proposals that have been made by the BBC over the years, and shows when these documents and reports were initiated.

Listed Documents

In 2010 the BBC carried out a Dorset-specific investigation into the extent of interest in a local radio station for the whole of Dorset. The results were delivered as a Powerpoint presentation, AnnexA. It demonstrated the urgent need for, and widespread interest in a local radio station for Dorset.

In 2011 the BBC published maps of the BBC FM and DAB transmitter coverage for Dorset,  as a Powerpoint presentation AnnexB1. The current situation is not significantly different. This was accompanied by another Powerpoint document (AnnexB2) that showed the location of current BBC local radio transmitters. Both demonstrated that West and North Dorset, in particular, are very poorly covered by both FM and DAB transmitters. The situation has not changed significantly since then.

Following complaints about poor digital TV reception, OFCOM carried out a study of DTV reception, focusing on specific individuals and areas identified by DorBAG as having particularly poor reception. Their report (dri2010) highlighted the need to make sure aerials were in good condition and correctly installed, but identified no systematic transmission problems.

In 2005, in the very early days of the DBG (formerly the Dorset Broadcasting Action Group (DorBAG) and originally South West Dorset Broadcasting Action Group (SwedBAG)), a survey was carried out, supported by local West Dorset Town Councils. The BBC asked if they could help design the questionnaire which proved to be very helpful. 10,000 forms were distributed and almost 4,000 were returned! The results demonstrated the need for a county-wide local radio station – in fact 95% demanded BBC Local Radio for Dorset!  The survey results are summarised in this report (swedbag 2).